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Refrigeration Germiston
Newly added Special Equipment: Water chiller, Sabroe open compressor.

FOR SALE (to buy to dismantle or to buy and rent at present premises)

3 x freezer rooms: 6260mm long x 3700mm wide x 3300mm high each.
Total external size: 11m long, 6,2m wide, 3,3m high.

Polyurethane insulated 110mm thickness, with interlocking pvc profiling.
1,2m high alu checker plate protection on front and side.
3 doors with 800mm x 2000 door opening.
110mm polyurethane floor insulation.

Supported steel structure 3 sets, to support up to 1056 blocks each room with 30 kg each.
+/- 1000 steel pipes, average 30mm diameter, for 4 ice blocks each.

4 x high velocity blast freezer blower coils, 3fans each.

3 x Copeland semi hermetic 4-cylinder 15hp compressors. At -23degr.C= 60250 Btu.

3 x receivers, 3 x oil reservoirs, 3 x filter drier shells, 3 x suction accummulators, 3 x oil seps., 3 x condensers vertical, 2 x 2-fan units 650mm dia and 1 x 4-fan unit 500mm dia.
3 x electric control boards complete with gauges.

1 ice block holding freezer room 5m x 1,9m wide with 1 x semi hermetic condensing unit, complete with one 4-fan low temp. blower coil, and electric control board.

+/- 100m copper pipes and cables and pipe insulations.

Price: R 375.000 ono